Children have truly unique dental needs. Just think of the changes your child goes through during their developmental growth phases. Going from no teeth, to baby teeth, to losing teeth, to permanent teeth. We recommend  scheduling your child’s initial visit with us at about age 3.

Below is a partial list of our services to help educate you on many aspects of children's dentistry and some of the procedures and treatments available to help your child develop good dental habits and enjoy overall dental health.

Preventive Dentistry:
Preventive dentistry means a happy and healthy child. Healthy dental hygiene allows children to chew food more easily, gain more nutrients from the foods they eat, allows children to speak more quickly and clearly, and builds confidence in your child because they have a healthy smile and appearance.
Preventive dentistry begins with the first tooth, typically around one year of age. This is the time you should schedule your child's initial visit with us at about age 3.

Beginning dental visits early is the key to success, as it helps and assists us in recognizing and warding off potential problems before they become serious. Our doctors and staff will teach you how to protect your child's dental health by providing a personalized program of brushing and flossing. We thoroughly examine your child to detect any potential problem areas, provide diet counseling and if necessary, fluoride recommendations. This will help ensure your child grows up as part of the cavity free generation. Remember, as a parent, preventive dentistry means less extensive, and less expensive, treatment for you child.